液晶から有機ELへの転換が進むディスプレイ業界の最新動向について、有機EL分野の技術分析および産業分析の世界的権威である、Choong hoon Yi博士(韓国のUBIリサーチの主席アナリスト、元サムスンディスプレイ開発部長)による「有機ELディスプレイ産業の最新動向分析」セミナー(有料、日本語)を下記の通り開催します。ご多用のこととは存じますが、ご出席の程宜しくお願い申し上げます。

会場:株式会社 三菱化学テクノリサーチ 5階 大会議室


UBI Research- MCTR OLED Seminar
"Analysis of the latest trends of OLED Display Industry” 

We are always appreciated your support for UBI Research and OLED Industry. 
I would like to introduce a seminar where you can get the latest information about what is happening in OLED industry. This September, in Tokyo, Japan, “OLED Seminar” is organized by UBI Research and Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corporation together. 
Dr. Choong Hoon Yi (Chief Analyst of UBI Research, the former director of OLED Development team, Samsung SDI) will talk about the recent industry issue from the market perspective and technology perspective. 
He has been receiving a great reputation in OLED industry for the expertise in Technology and Industry Analysis. 
Please do not miss the opportunities for in-depth discussions and networking with the attendees. 

► Details ◄

Date: 16:00 – 18:00, Friday, September 16, 2016 
Venue: Large Meeting Room (5F), Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corporation (http://www.mctr.co.jp/en/company/access.htm#05)
Fee: JPY 21,600 (8% of tax included)
Audience: 40 people (First-come First-served) 
Registration: Please send your NAME/ POSTION/ DEPARTMENT/ INSTITUTION/ EMAILL ADRESS/ PHONE NUMBER to “Hana Oh (hanaoh@ubiresearch.co.kr)”
# You will receive further details after your registration

[Location of Venue]
Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corporation
Yotsuya TN Bldg. 5F, 16-1 Samoncho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017
e-mail: info@mctr.co.jp