OLED Display and Lighting Division:


Strong support for new business of LED, OLED display and OLED lighting

Business support of LED, OLED  display and OLED lighting at the world wide scale

Market survey, business planing, plant planning and sales planning


Display and lighting market analysis and business support

New display and lighting market analysis for sales, new material, new manufacturing process and equipment, new technology, patent, cost analysis, national project, regulation, standard and safety. 

New business support for LED and OLED lighting to plan the development and sales.


OLED panel, material and equipment trade

We are trading OLED panel, OLED material and OLED manufacturing equipment. 



Analysis Division:


Strong support for material analysis

Business support of ultra clean technology at the world wide scale


Material analysis service

Surface analysis, Trace analysis, Clean room analysis 


Consultation for ultra clean technology


Market support for Analysis equipment and Semiconductor related materials

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Analysis equipment & their accessories

Fine pattern products 

Si wafer, Semiconductor sub, Quartz products




Name  :  Analysis Atelier Corporation 

Address :  4-36-4, Yoyogi, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053, Japan